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Trades Insurance – Great Cover For Your Business, Tools, Income and More!

Trades Ensurance is your one-stop site for a variety of insurance solutions for the trade industry. We provide insurance for electricians, carpenters, plumbers, builders, landscapers, scaffolders, labourers, machine operators and more.

As experienced insurance experts, we understand exactly what responsibilities and risks are involved in your trade. Whether you are working on a small, residential project or a large, commercial build, Trades Ensurance has the right knowledge and cover options to keep you and your business safe and functioning smoothly.

Our competitive trade insurance packages will provide you with the best cover based on your specific projects, risks and day-to-day activities. Your well-being and peace of mind is our top concern.

What Trades Insurance Can I Get?

Trades Ensurance offers comprehensive insurance cover for any tradie, in any business. You have the option of purchasing any of our insurance policies below or combining multiple policies under one easy package:

Don’t Risk Losing Your Trade

As a tradie, you face various risks everyday while on the job:

  • Injury to yourself or others
  • Property damage – to another property or the property you’re working on
  • Broken, lost or stolen tools
  • Personal illness that prevents you from working
  • Damaged assets, like motor vehicles or home contents

If you encountered one of these risks, would you have enough funds to cover thousands or millions of $$$ in losses or compensation? If you became ill or injured, could you continue to pay your bills and support your family?

Losing everything you have worked for can mean severe financial hardship, loss of income and even loss of your trade business and your personal assets.

No matter what type of tradesman you are, you need the right trades insurance to keep you, your business and your family safe from financial harm. 

Why Choose Us For Your Trades Insurance?

Trades insurance is essential in protecting your business, your livelihood and your peace of mind.

  • Apply online in 5 minutes and receive multiple quotes
  • Instant cover – get approved now and start working immediately
  • Customised policies to suit your trade – don’t get stuck in a general package
  • Quick & easy claim process with our Aussie insurance experts
  • Cover for your tools anywhere in Australia
  • Pay by the month to assist your cash flow
  • Receive expert advice from insurance specialists
  • Reliable support and advice if you have to make a claim or go to court

Start Protecting Your Business with Trades Ensurance today! Apply online now for multiple quotes and receive approval FAST or phone our friendly insurance experts on 1300 550 665.

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