What is the Cost of Public Liability Insurance?

Public Liability Insurance

The cost of public liability insurance can vary depending on your occupation, the size of your business and the level of public liability cover that you need. If you are starting out as a tradesman, here is what you need to know about the importance and the cost of public liability insurance:

How You Can Help Your Tradesman: A Guide for Tradie Partners

A Guide for Tradie Partners

Are you married to a tradie? Keen to support them? There are many ways that you can help your tradie partner with their trades business. From creating marketing materials to sourcing tradesman insurance quotes, here are some wonderfully creative ideas that will get your partner’s business pumping: 

Trade Insurance is Going Mobile


Looking for trade insurance while you’re on the go? iPads, iPhones and other mobile smartphones have come to shape the way we do business these days, from sending quick quotes to responding to client emails and scheduling new work.

Soon, Trades Ensurance will be transforming the way you search for trade insurance online, by allowing you to source trade insurance quotes via your iPad, tablet or mobile phone!

The Evolution of Power Tools and the Need for Tools of Trade Insurance


Where Did Power Tools Come From?

It started thousands of years ago, when Ancient Egyptians invented the world’s first power tool: the lathe. Although it was hand-powered, the lathe became an important part of civilisation’s building technology. Then, in Germany in 1895, Fein Power Tools developed the first portable and electric hand drill. As we progressed into the 20th century, many more manufacturers (like Bosch) began to catch on to the incredible benefits of electrical tools – and the rest is power tool history.

Public Liability Insurance for Plumbers and Electricians


Public liability insurance is a vital part of any tradie’s day-to-day business. When it comes to plumbers and electricians, public liability insurance will be of utmost importance to you. Without it, you may not be able to operate your business – and if you are held financially responsible for any damages, the costs alone could be enough to make you insolvent.  

Online Trades Insurance Quotes - Can You Spare 2 Minutes?

online quotes for trades insurance

Looking for online quotes for trades insurance?

There are many forms of trades insurance available and finding what’s right for you and your business is often a matter of conducting a little research. Using the Internet to find trades insurance online quotes can be highly beneficial, since it is quick, easy and means you can customise what you want and find cheap insurance prices.

Trades Home Warranty Insurance In Plain English

Home warranty insurance for tradies

Home warranty insurance for tradies (known as Licensed Builder Home Warranty) is one of the most important forms of insurance there is. Trades home warranty insurance is also mandatory in most states if the work you are completing is over a certain dollar amount. Without trades home warranty insurance, you could face large fines and have to pay any compensation required.

4 Reasons Why You Should Get Tools of Trade Insurance

Tools insurance

 Tools of Trade Insurance is a must for any tradie out there. If you use tools in your everyday job, it’s important to realise that these tools are the backbone of your livelihood. Without them, you would not be able to complete your projects and earn a living.

Insurance Tips for Kitchen & Bathroom Installers

insurance for tradies

 If you are a kitchen or bathroom installer or designer, it’s vital that you have a form of tradies insurance that matches the activities and risks associated with your job. Insurance for tradies is important in protecting your business, your workers, your clients – and most of all, YOU.

Why Would a Tradesmen Need Public Liability Insurance?

Public Liability Insurance for Tradesmen

 Public Liability Insurance for tradesmen is one of the most important types of insurances to have. Without Public Liability Insurance, you could face thousands or millions of dollars in liability costs if something were to happen as a result of your trade work.

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