Personal Accidents & Sickness Insurance

Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance has been developed to protect tradies in the event that they become injured and cannot work to support themselves.

Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance is about bringing you peace of mind, so that you don’t have to stress about what will happen to you if you injure yourself and can’t earn a living.

Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance for Tradesmen Is Important Because:

  • Working in building, construction and trades is much more high risk than other jobs
  • Accidents can happen anywhere, anytime
  • Accidents can be as simple as a broken finger or they can be as life threatening as a brain injury; in either case, they can stop you from earning an income and cause severe financial hardship and ill health
  • Some accidents can result in death, which could leave your family without a primary source of income

How Does Personal Accident Insurance for Tradesmen Work?

Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance for tradesmen can work in various ways, depending on your specific policy and cover. Here are some examples where personal accident insurance has been invaluable:

  • John is a plumber who is married with two kids. While digging a pipe trench, he injures his back and is unable to walk or stand. Consequently, he is unable to work for 9 months. John claimed his personal accident insurance and was able to receive 60% of his income during his recovery to support his family
  • Harry is a scaffolder who had just bought a new house for his family. One day, while working on site, another worker accidentally drops a large tool from above, which hits Harry’s head. Although he was wearing a hard hat, Harry sustained serious head injuries and told he would take 2 years to recover. Harry was able to claim the full 85% on his Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance. He used these funds to pay for his living expenses and to maintain the payments on his mortgage. Without personal accident insurance, Harry would have lost his home and been unable to support his family.

Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance for Tradesmen – What You Should Know

  • Although it is not compulsory, Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance for tradesmen is highly recommended, since working in a trade can mean a greater risk of injury while on the job
  • Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance will cover up to 85% of your income in the event that you cannot work; benefits can last between one and 2 years
  • Your particular injury/incident must be included in your insurance policy if you are to receive benefit payments; injuries must also be visible and cannot be the cause of any other ailment
  • You can also tailor your insurance policy to cover specific accidents like motorcycle or football related injuries by selecting optional extensions.
  • In most cases Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance for tradesmen is tax deductible, so you can claim back your premiums as part of your tax returns

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