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Join the hundreds of Landscapers, Gardeners and Designers around Australia we have already insured over the years and take advantage of our insurance products designed specifcally for the Landscaping and Gardening Industry. We have some of the most cost competitive premiums in the market. You don’t need to be a member of any Association to enjoy the full benefts of the insurance cover.

6 great reasons to choose SHC

  • SHC offers some of the most competitive premiums around.
  • The application processes are very flexible and simple. You can speak to one of our expert customer service consultants or you can do it all online.
  • We provide instant comparisons of multiple Trades Insurance quotes from leading insurers online, eliminating the need to visit other sites.
  • You can choose to pay by the month or annually with our online facility… Too easy!
  • You can get same-day coverage by paying online and immediate access to your policy documents.
  • SHC has been providing insurance to the Trades Industry for over 20 years. We are one of Australia’s largest brokers in providing insurance services to the construction industry.

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What Insurance do I need?

If you’re a Landscaper, Gardener or Designer, the following insurance cover types should be considered:

Public Liability Insurance

Tradesmen are often exposed to greater risks than most other professions and the financial risks can be huge, especially if you run your own business. Public Liability Insurance provides protection for self-employed people in a trades or services business, by covering the costs of a claim made against you, should you damage or destroy anyone else’s property or injure anyone though your work.
If there is any possibility that you could literally lose your house and other assets through your work; it’s by not having public liability cover.

What could happen if you don’t have it…
A simple claim may just be a few thousand dollars to replace a cracked window you’ve accidentally damaged due a flying rock whilst mowing the lawn, but a more serious claim could result when someone falls down a ditch you’ve just dug and seriously injures themselves.
These claims can run into the millions of dollars, and without public liability insurance most tradies would be sent bankrupt, losing everything they've ever worked for.
Don't risk not having public liability insurance - it's just not worth it.

Tools of Trade

You may also wish to consider insuring your gardening tools, as without them it would be very difficult to complete a contract on time with quality workmanship. Not only would it take a long time to replace them, should you lose them to theft or a car accident, but it may also take a considerable amount of money.

Personal Accident & Sickness

You should also consider Personal Accident & Sickness or Workers Compensation cover, as accidents and sickness can happen anytime, anyplace and unfortunately they often cause hardship and additional expenses.

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Our other insurance products you should consider include:

  • Professional Indemnity

If you provide advice or landscape design services to individuals or businesses, then professional indemnity insurance is advised. Professional Indemnity insurance provides you with comprehensive protection against professional negligence claims made against you – or anyone who has worked for you. 

  • Office, General Property & Contractors Plant & Machinery

Provides protection for your building, furniture and business equipment such as phones, computers etc. It will also provide cover for your most vital pieces of machinery including excavators, earthmovers etc. against sudden and unforseen damage including fire and theft.

  • Home Warranty

You are also required to obtain home warranty insurance for any work undertaken where the contracted amount exceeds $20K. The Owner of the property is the beneficiary of the Insurance. Business Packs – Fire, Burglary, Liability etc – Insurance cover designed specifcally for you.

  • Motor Fleet

Insure your car through our Fleet policy receiving a very long list of benefits you may not have with your current insurer.

  • Professional Indemnity – catered explicitly for Lanscapers and Gardeners
  • Motor Fleet – Insure your car through our Fleet policy receiving a very long list of benefts you probably don’t currently have.

We can also provide other personal insurance products including Car Insurance and Home & Contents Insurance. SHC has teamed up with Budget Direct Insurance Brokers, one of the leading insurance in Australia, to provide you with competitive personal insurance.

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To get a quote for any of these insurance types call us on: 1300 550 665


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