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Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance

Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance is vital for any tradesman working in a job that involves risk. If you become injured or sick, personal accident & sickness insurance will ensure you still receive a portion of your income so that you can support yourself and your family.

Many tradies including electricians, plumbers, welders, labourers, carpenters, cabinet makers, machine operators, scaffolders and landscapers have worked with us to create tailored personal accident & sickness policies that offer great cover, competitive premiums and peace of mind.

  • Get Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance for up to 85% of your income
  • Customise your insurance policy to suit your trade and everyday activities
  • Continue to pay your bills, rent and other expenses even if you’re not working
  • Choose from benefit periods of between 1 year and 2 years
  • Stop your assets, like your home or car, being used to pay your debts
  • Claim your personal accident & sickness insurance premiums on your tax returns
  • Include optional extras in your policy, such as cover for injuries that occur outside of work 

Why Choose Trades Ensurance?

Our insurance experts understand the risks tradies face everyday. We’ve worked with hundreds of tradesman across Australia to deliver tailored and affordable personal accident & sickness packages that cover every risk and activity they undertake.
We provide specialist advice and customised insurance polices to ensure that your personal accident insurance cover meets the needs of your trade.

Reward yourself with peace of mind today! Our Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance policies start from just $28 per month.

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