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Public Liability Insurance - Protect your Trade from Financial Losses!

Public Liability Insurance protects your trade business against the financial risk of having to pay out expensive third party claims related to injury, damage, negligence or death.

If you damage any property or cause harm to another person/contractor as part of your work, you will most likely be held financially responsible. The dollars you owe can reach into the thousands or millions – and you’ll have to pay any costly legal fees too.

Public Liability Insurance simply means that you won’t have to pay these costs out of your own pocket. Instead, the insurer will pay them for you.

  • Stop your business from losing thousands or millions
  • Gain more work – most clients won’t hire you without a Public Liability certificate
  • Protect your personal assets, like your home or car, which can be used to pay your debts and fees
  • Prevent severe financial loss and bankruptcy

Why Partner with Trades Ensurance?

Trades Ensurance is one of Australia’s leading trades insurance providers. We work with hundreds of tradies across Australia to provide tailored advice, protection and cover all year round. Our clients include electricians, carpenters, labourers, plumbers, builders, landscapers, machinists and many more.

Our experienced insurance specialists will be able to speak to you about your Public Liability Insurance needs and advise you on what you require to remain covered and compliant with government regulations.

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