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Join the hundreds of Scaffolders we have already insured over the years and take advantage of our insurance products designed specifically for the Scaffolding Industry.

We have some of the most cost competitive premiums in the market on a range of cover options including:

Public Liability Insurance
Many Tradies want insurance because their contractor tells them they need to have cover and show a Certificate of Insurance, or they will not be paid. Truth is, they ask for it for a reason – it’s extremely important to be covered for Public Liability Insurance!

Public Liability Insurance provides you with protection should you damage or destroy anyone else’s property or injure anyone though your work. This is an important policy to have. If there is any possibility that you could literally lose your house and other assets through your work; it’s by not having Public Liability cover.

Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance
Accidents and sickness can happen to anyone, any time, any place; and unfortunately they can often cause hardship and additional expenses. This is a good policy to have as it provides peace-of-mind that in the event of an accident that should keep you off work for a long period of time, you have a policy that will cover you and your family.

Motor Fleet Insurance
Insure your car through our Fleet Policy today and get the right insurance at the right price. Plus, you’ll get a number of additional benefits you may not have with your current insurer.

Why Choose SHC?
Over 20 years of experience providing insurance for the Trades Industry has shown us that you need more than a standard, off-the-shelf insurance policy.  SHC offers some of the most competitive premiums in the market. Try us today and save!

Some examples of current client savings are:
A Marine Scaffolder in Queensland was paying over $40,000, SHC saved them 47% on last year’s premium and included additional covers not previously offered.

A Scaffolder in Lavington NSW was paying over $12,000, SHC saved them 43% on their Liability Insurance alone.

A large Scaffolder/Manufacturer in Newcastle NSW was paying over $50,000 SHC saved them 53% on their insurance portfolio.

A smaller Scaffolder in Ashfeld NSW was paying over $5,500 SHC saved them 32% on last year’s premium. 

If you would like to discuss your insurance requirements with one of our friendly Customer Service team, call us today on 1300 550 665!