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Tools Insurance for all Tradies

Tools of Trade Insurance works to protect the tools and equipment you use in your everyday trade. If your tools are stolen, damaged or become lost, your insurance policy will provide you with the money to repair or replace your tools.

Why Do I Need Cover For My Tools?

Could you still work if you lost your tools or equipment?

Losing your tools or equipment can impact your trade business in many ways. It can halt or delay your work, prevent you from taking on any new projects and it can mean spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars to replace or repair your tools.

Our Tools of Trade insurance covers most tools and equipment for a wide range of tradesmen.

Tradies like electricians, carpenters, labourers and plumbers, kitchen/bathroom builders, landscapers, gardeners, scaffolders, cabinet makers, welders and roofers have all insured their tools with us! 

What Tools Can I Cover?

Trades Ensurance can cover the majority of the tools and machines you use as part of your trade. Simply tell us what tools or equipment you have and we’ll provide you with fast quote.

We can cover:

  • Power tools
  • Hand tools
  • Tool benches, cases and other storage components
  • Machinery such as bobcats, excavators, tractors and generators
  • Computers, tablets and mobile phones

Remember, your tools are one of the largest investments as a tradie – and they’re the backbone of your job. Don’t risk losing your money simply because you’ve lost your tools!

Our Tools of Trade Insurance cover starts from as little as an additional $42 per month*.

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If cover is required click here and just add it to your Public Liability instant quote online now. Alternatively contact our Customer Service Team on 1300 550 665 or email to organise your insurance now!

*Please note that tools of trade cover must accompany a Public Liability policy and cannot be taken out in isolation.

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